War is the unofficial leader of our merry bunch. Scientist, artist and athlete, there's nothing this guy doesn't do. He's not someone you want to mess with, not if you want to wake up the next morning in the same place/continent/planet.
Matt is the disk bearer. Untempted by the power it offers, mainly because he doesn't have a clue what the powers could do. Not the sharpest needle in the box, but he will stand up to things that threaten himself and his friends.
Rachel is the first female character to have joined the Digital War crew. She's not at all worried by the guys because she knows that she could easily wrap them round her little finger if she so wished.
Rob is possibly the wackiest member of the Digital War crew. He refuses to take anything seriously and will joke about anything. Has a liking for oversized hand held weaponry.
The last member of our motley crew is Strider, if this is her real name or merely a nickname, we don't know. Favours fighting over talking and would much rather march over to AOHell HQ and give them a right seeing to than walk all over the country.

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