Welcome to the world of Digital War. Digital War began sometime in May 2002, and like so many webcomics, very little thought was put into it's conception. I liked webcomics and didn't think it would be that hard to make one. How wrong I was.
2 years have passed now and DW has come a long way since it's early days. In true webcomic tradition it takes months for the plot to advance even the tiniest bit, I keep missing updates and it's very nearly almost funny.

You may have asked yourself at some point, who's behind all of this? Well, you would ask yourself that if you thought about it for a moment.
My name (as you will have gathered from the comics) is Ewan "War" Baird. I'm a 19 year old aerospace engineering student at the University of Bath, England.
I was going to include a photograph of my workplace, but I'm only going to be in halls another few weeks so it'd be pretty redundant soon. So instead I've dug up an old photograph of my desk at home where most of Digital War has been created:

Many things have changed with Digital War, but there have been three constants throughout:
1) I've always been the guy drawing, colouring and writing it.
2) I've used the exact same 0.5mm mechanical pencil to draw every comic.
3) I've used Pilot drawing pens to ink every comic.


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